cuori carciofini solsì

Our products

Solsì focuses its attention on three main point:

firstly, it selects only top-quality fruits and vegetables. Its products are cooked and packaged in accordance with organic procedures and the best Sicilian traditions handed down from generation to generation. It uses only extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar, sugar and lemon juice,

secondly, it gives value to S. Margherita agricoltural resources, which are the base of its economy, by fostering the high quality of its products,

finally, Solsì works to satisfy its clients, providing them with healthy, biologically guaranteed products, whose distinctive mediterranean taste is preserved in glass jars.

As far as the in oil products are concerned, Solsì uses only extra virgin olive oil, according to the experts one of the best quality of the world ; it gained, indeed, several recognitions.